General terms and conditions for social and conference events

1. our terms and conditions apply to events held in separate rooms.

2. we charge a compulsory room rent ( scale see page room overview ) per room/day.

3. only one menu ordered in advance for all guests is possible in principle. We will be notified of the selection 10 days prior to the start of the event. Isolated vegetarian as well as allergy-related wishes will be taken into account at short notice.

4. the basis of the calculation of our menus or buffets is the number of persons, which was communicated to us bindingly 24 hours before the event and may differ at most 10 % from the preceding, mentioned number of persons.

5. flower decoration, menu cards and music are charged separately. Own decoration/menu cards etc. will be distributed in the rooms by the organizer himself, otherwise we will charge a labor fee of € 100,00. This also applies to the distribution of gifts in the hotel rooms.

6. musicians’ and artists’ fees are to be settled by the organizer directly with the persons concerned. GEMA fees are charged for dance events, these are borne by the organizer. Dismantling of the technology must take place by 9:00 a.m. at the latest on the following day or after special consultation.

7. for events that extend beyond 1.00 a.m., we generally charge a night surcharge, which amounts to € 30.00 per employee and hour. The closing time in NRW begins at 5:00 a.m. Until that time, the premises are at your disposal.

8. our prices are final prices, which include the statutory value added tax. In the case of long-term orders, we reserve the right to make a possible recalculation depending on the market situation.

9. a changeover fee of € 500.00 will be charged for events that require a complete clearing of the halls. For our chapel we charge a usage fee of € 300,00.

10. if heavy current is used, it will be charged according to consumption.

11. music and dance events require a minimum purchase of 15 hotel rooms (double rooms). If the acceptance is lower, the difference will be charged as room rent.

12. our invoices are payable without deduction net cash within 14 days. Credit cards are not accepted.

13. in case of cancellation of an event 6 weeks before the beginning of the event, we reserve the right to charge the provision costs, respectively charge the lost operating profit from the planned deliveries and services. A partial reduction of the booked room contingent can be made up to 6 weeks before arrival. Rooms cancelled after this deadline may be charged 80% of the accommodation price. For the failure of the
Room in the framework of a full board, the loss is 60% of the agreed variant. In case of a reduction of more than 20% of the booked rooms as well as the confirmed number of persons less than 14 days before the beginning of the event, we reserve the right to charge 80% of the lost services.

14. please let us know the correct company or private address before arrival. Due to the guidelines of the Federal Ministry of Finance, invoices that have already been issued may not be changed afterwards. For the accommodation tax exemption, a correct company address or, in the case of self-employment, the VAT identification number must also be provided.

15. our Privacy policy is an integral part of these Terms and Conditions.

16. the general non-smoking law of NRW applies.

17. place of jurisdiction is Münster/Westphalia.